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iconic buildings

Having an organization trained with Architectural Details from an ID discipline, the company engages on Iconic Buildings as the General Contractor using Multiple Prime Contracting Method. We build buildings that demand the same precision Architecturally; we call them iconic because they truthfully are. We engage on various sub-contractors and vendors according to our discretion, and we manage them according to our Architectural satisfaction. Because of this, quality to us means beauty and not merely documentary compliance, says the Head of this service.

monument archive museum

14.6760° N, 121.0437° E

Location: Quezon City, Philippines

31 Floors at 136.40 meters in height

Estimated Completion Date : End of 2022

The project was incubated by the memories and histories of the site.This 80-year old house was the location  of  icon    Filipino   movies. This rich heritage and preservation of historical buildings is something we believe is very valuable - it is a new template in property development by merging living residential units to existing old heritage sites. The monument is made of 3-bedroom units stacked on top of each other showing the best vistas and all bedrooms has corner views. Each bespoke unit has its own individual floor making it very exclusive. Vertical hanging garden is a feature in this building - choosing certain kinds of plants and trees to thrive and become oxygen for the city. The two penthouses as well have innovation design such as 360 degrees views as well as an urban forest.


The Calma family of architects and designers together with Sou Fujimoto, an award-winning Japanese architect known for his innovative designs, are set to build the Museum for Architecture + Residences (MFA+R) which can be a game changer in architecture design.

With Fujimoto’s philosophy of integrating nature and architecture, the museum’s over-arching design concept is a “reinterpretation of rice fields” seen in a vertical landscape.

Unlike other structures, the Museum for Architecture + Residences’ (MFA+R) gentle veil of greenery creates a harmonious blend with nature.

Carlo Calma, president of Calma Properties and design consultant, sees it to be a hub where exhibitions are to be held and extensive cataloguing of architecture’s past, present and future.

This vision is extended to include commercial and residential spaces.

Each residential unit will have a unique floor plan which will focus on the overall wellness of its occupants. It allows them to use the power of meditation and have their own cultural retreat.

This project is a testament of what JP Calma, CEO of Calma Properties has built and what he believes in around architecture. The practice of constructing buildings is a “potent field that cuts across culture, technology and art”, he says. It goes beyond what people expect real estate to be and a break from the status quo.

As this is a new typology of high rise buildings, it is only fitting that this piece of the future should be situated in Nuvali, the first and largest eco-city in the country.